Why Do Rabbits Need Rescue?

Rabbits are the 3rd most abandoned animals in the U.S.A.

and they are the often the 1st to be euthanized when      shelters fill up.

Many rescued rabbits come from feed stores, or escape from meat and fur farms. The sad truth is that the majority of abandoned rabbits were once family pets or classroom animals. The fate is usually not good for pets that are bought as presents from pet stores or from breeders. These "gifts" are abandoned in fields, let loose in a park or surrendered to shelters when the novelty wears off.

Unfortunately, many people assume that a rabbit is a low-maintenance "starter pet" or a good gift for a child. The reality is rabbits are a lot of work and veterinary bills for exotic pets can be very expensive.

Rabbits are as intelligent and loving as any other pet. In our opinion they make far better companions. They bond for life with their human and rabbit friends. Unfortunately, they grieve deeply when they lose this bond. Many of the rabbits that come to Little Paws suffer with abandonment issues. Because of these issues they become sanctuary animals and stay in our care.


Rabbit can learn their names, like to play with toys and can be litter box trained. However, If they are not spayed or neutered they will mark their territory if other rabbits share the home with them. They are not meant to live confined in cages and require at least 4-5 hours of attention and safe exercise each day .

Aspen is a scared, timid bunny who was attacked by another animal. He has chunks missing from both of his ears, a protruding scar on his shoulder and his nose has been torn. The physical wounds were healed when he found us, but the emotional scars may last forever. He came to Little Paws Animal Rescue from a shelter in Nephi, Utah after living on the streets for at least a month a concerned citizen was able to rescue him. He was transported to us for intensive care of his emotional wounds. 

Little Paws Animal Rescue is a resource for abused, neglected and homeless rabbits. These rabbits include highly adoptable rabbits who have “run out of time,” at shelters, those deemed “unadoptable” because they have health or behavioral issues, and special-needs rabbits requiring surgery or specialized medical attention resulting from trauma, neglect, or abuse.

Once a rabbit comes to Little Paws Animal Rescue, he or she will never “run out of time” and will always have a home with a foster family until  they are adopted.

At Little Paws our goal is to insure that all abandoned/homeless rabbits and guinea pigs are given a warm, loving Furever Home and Family.


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