About Us

Our rabbit & guinea pig rescue came about after we had heard about so many abandoned bunnies and piggies.  We adopted our first bunny, Dexter from a shelter in Utah eight years ago as a therapy animal and we believe that these small animals are misunderstood and should be a part of your family instead of being placed outside in a cage.

We started our rescue to help all these homeless bunnies and piggies, to help educate those, and to hopefully stop the mistreatment that bunnies and piggies do not deserve.  We registered our rescue with the State of Utah right away and became an animal charity. In January 2020 We received our official 501(c)(3) Non-profit status.

Our mission is to rescue, rehabilitate and re-home abandoned and homeless small animals. We offer education to small animal owners in an effort to minimize surrendered and abandoned pets.

We aim to educate the public about different breeds of rabbits and guinea pigs. We also offer advice on caring for your companion.

Little Paws believes that Bunnies and Guinea Pigs should and need to be a part of your family.  This means that they will live inside, have x-pens to give them room, and free roam time.  These precious animals should never live outside in the elements, they want love and attention and to be able to socialize with their family.

Bunnies and Guinea Pigs are not animals to be kept in a cage, but companion animals. They are ones that can offer therapy, comfort and love to their humans.




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